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Originality is relative. Every idea, every action, every view, and so on was influenced and inspired by something or someone. We get so wrapped up in wanting to be originators, that we tend to neglect the literal process it takes to get to a complete idea or accomplishment. We have to acknowledge our processes, acknowledge our support systems, our influences and our inspirations no matter how big or small. We must humble ourselves accordingly to ensure that we not only pay homage where it's due, but to also be able to pass the torch.

No Originals is an idea that not only promotes acknowledging our inspirations and influences, but also encourages everyone to act and create with intention. Someone is always watching. And we're not out here doing things for nothing, right? We should all aspire to be inspirational in the most positive of ways. To influence, to inspire, is a God given gift we should all take advantage of. After all, we are not the first and we definitely will not be the last. 


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